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The employers we work with come from a diverse range of industries and business sectors but together share common goals: to improve the financial well-being of their employees and, by doing so, achieve their key business objectives. 

A group retirement plan is only effective if it engages employees and encourages them to set and work towards achieving their retirement objectives. Such engagement is achieved by combining attractively designed retirement plans that are easy to use, with lots of proactive and continuous member support. Employers that appoint Indigo understand the value and advantages of engaging employees via their benefit program.

Optimising employee benefits. 
We deliver highly effective solutions and completeness of plan design to engage, educate and support employees to achieve their savings' objectives. 
Longevity risk poses a serious threat to the financial well-being of employees dependent upon defined contribution arrangements. Without effective assistance, many employees will exhaust their retirement reserves or, worse still, be unable to retire.


Our team's extensive experience in the international retirement and workplace savings sector, and understanding of this challenge, enables us to advise employers and work with industry partners to deliver effective solutions.

Our client team
David Shaw
Managing Director
Chris Anderson

David founded Indigo in 2004, having identified an absence of professional corporate retirement and workplace savings services in Asia. David has drawn upon his extensive international experience to spearhead Indigo's innovative approach to providing client and partner solutions. 

Chris joined Indigo in 2006 after gaining considerable technical knowledge in the UK's pension industry and years of experience in Hong Kong's financial sector. Chris heads up Indigo's Member Support Service. 

Tony Hamilton Bram
Senior Manager
Chris Cheung
Senior Manager

Tony joined Indigo in 2008. With almost 20 years relationship management experience, Tony works with key client employees to enhance their understanding and maximise the effectiveness of their group retirement and savings plans. 

Chris joined Indigo in 2006. He works with individual plan members to help them achieve their retirement and savings objectives. Through his technological expertise and innovative mindset, Indigo has developed numerous online member tools to enhance the client experience.

Abbie Ng
Client Implementation &
Account Manager  

Sharon Luk

Account Support Executive

Abbie joined Indigo in 2016. Now, she works with clients and scheme trustees for plan implementation and operation. Abbie also  provides continuous updates and support to the employers and plan members.

Sharon joined Indigo as an Account Support Executive in 2017. Drawing upon her previous experience with a global insurer, Sharon provides support services to Indigo’s group retirement and insurance plan members.

William Fung

Account Manager

William joined Indigo in 2019. He has been involved in the client account relationship business for over 20 years in the financial services and I.T management fields. He works with plan members to help them understand and meet their retirement objectives. William also helps to ensure that members fully utilise all of the benefits of their company retirement plan.

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